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Students STAND Against Human Trafficking

STAND-9-LBelmont University hosted Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker on campus April 9 as he stood with students against human trafficking and spoke about issues surrounding its 29.8 million victims as well as how he became involved with the International Justice Mission. Belmont students began a 24-hour stand Tuesday evening and continued Wednesday with an awareness event near the Bell Tower with stations set up to make STAND for Freedom signs, sign a petition and educate their peers on issues regarding human trafficking.

Belmont’s Alpha Chi Chapter Celebrates Newest Inductees

Belmont inducted new members last week into its chapter of Alpha Chi, which is the highest academic honor awarded by Belmont University. Its requirements are to be in the top 10 percent academically of all students, and to be of junior or senior class rank.  Alpha Chi members are nominated by the faculty and must have “outstanding moral character” and display leadership, integrity and service.  Belmont University is the Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi in Region III.  Alpha Chi was founded in 1922 and has chapters at more than 300 colleges and universities in 45 states.  Alpha Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies.  The name of Alpha Chi derives from the initial letters of the Greek words meaning “Truth” and “Character.”

Associate Professor of Math Dr. Sarah Ann Fleming, who co-sponsors the Belmont chapter with Assistant Professor of English Dr. Caresse John, said, “Each semester Belmont University inducts around 60students in the TN Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi. Our induction ceremony is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of these talented students. Each inductee chooses a faculty sponsor who has been particularly influential to them during their time at Belmont to ‘pin’ them during the ceremony. Professors, families and friends honor the students being inducted into our group. Our members are the top students in all majors across the university.  It is truly an honor to be invited to join this honor society.”

Belmont’s Chapter of Alpha Chi sponsors campus events related to scholarship and service, provides leadership opportunities, attends the Alpha Chi conventions and encourages members to apply for the national scholarships awarded each year.  More information is available at

Spring 2014 Belmont Alpha Chi Inductees included:

Alessandra Alegre In Absentia

Shelby Blalock Sponsor – Nathan Adam

Jesse Bobick Sponsor – Deen Entsminger

Morgan Bryant Sponsor – Joyce Crowell

Kolton Bullard Sponsor – John Gonas

Mallory Bulkley Sponsor – Cheryl Slay

Sarah Burnette Sponsor –

Jared Conrad Sponsor – Larry Wacholtz

Justin Cutler Sponsor – Sehyun Yoo

Corbin Davidson In Absentia

Lauren Dekleva Sponsor – Deen Entsminger

Amy Draper In Absentia

Sofia El Maliki Sponsor – Kim Daus

Kristina Escue In Absentia

Stephen Fralick Sponsor – Denise Scott

Samuel Frawley Sponsor – Andrew Johnston

Kurtis Gibson In Absentia

Alison Gorrie Sponsor – Nancy Allen

Aaron Gosnell Sponsor – Alex Graham

Aubrie Grimes Sponsor – Jocelyn Fisher

William Griswold In Absentia

Kelsey Hawkins Sponsor – Sally Barton-Arwood

Jane Hefferan In Absentia

Summer Herzfeldt Sponsor – Henry Smiley

Seth Hewson Sponsor – Bonnie Smith Whitehouse

Abbey Hull Sponsor – Annette Sisson

Juliana Ireland In Absentia

Heidi Jallouk Sponsor – Beverley Alleyne

Adam James Sponsor – Rachel Rigsby

Peter Johnson Sponsor – Cheryl Slay

Jasmine Johnson Sponsor – Beverley Alleyne

James Kelley Sponsor – Steve Guthrie

Joseph Kenkel Sponsor – Pete Giordano

Tedi Knaak Sponsor – Jonathan Thorndike

Perry Lines Sponsor – Steve Guthrie

Sydney Mathieu Sponsor – Jonathan Thorndike

Madison McIntyre Sponsor – Madeline Bridges

Ian Miller Sponsor – Jeff Cornwall

Jared Mitchell Sponsor – Sandra Dudley

Casey Mueller Sponsor – Del DeVries

Cailey Norris Sponsor – Regine Schwarzmeier

Victoria Perry Sponsor – Jon Roebuck

Lisa Peterson Sponsor – Marieta Velikova

Mary Ritchea Sponsor – Deen Entsminger

Skyler Schmanski In Absentia

Natalie Seale In Absentia

Bethany Seifert Sponsor – Beverley Alleyne

Tessa Shupe Sponsor – Kim Daus

Samantha Sieks Sponsor – Beverley Alleyne

Mitchell Steele In Absentia

Sarah Terning Sponsor – Robert Gregg

Alexandria Threet Sponsor – Stephanie Adlington

Michelle Walker Sponsor – Suzanne Lindsey

Savannah Weeks Sponsor – Jocelyn Fisher

Miranda West Sponsor – Glenn Acree

Mallory White Sponsor – Daniel Biles

Ashley Wilson Sponsor – Mark Maxwell

Kelsey Wise Sponsor – Jonathan Thorndike

Nine Students Present Research at National Alpha Chi Convention

AX convention 2014In March, nine students from Belmont University presented their research at the Alpha Chi National Honor Society Convention at the Union Station Hotel in St. Louis, Mo. Faculty advisor Dr. Sarah Ann Fleming (Mathematics) also attended the convention.  The annual Alpha Chi convention is organized around student presentations by juniors and seniors from their respective chapters.

Membership in Alpha Chi is the highest academic honor awarded by Belmont University.  Its members are invited based on their academic standing in the top 10 percent of the junior and senior classes within any academic major.  Belmont has had an active chapter of Alpha Chi for over 25 years. Dr. Fleming and Dr. Caresse John are the current Belmont Alpha Chi faculty sponsors.

Belmont student presentations at the national convention:

  • In the Art section, Sam Frawley presented his work on “North Dakota Parks and Recreation Rebranding.”
  • In the Political Science section, John Thomas (J. T.) Faircloth presented “Race and Rhetoric: How Obama’s 2008 Race Speech Sought to Build a ‘More Perfect Union.’”
  •  In Music, Jesse Peck presented his composition “Tunnel Tonicization.”
  • In World History, Christy Vitkus discussed “Lithuania: The Road to Freedom and Independence.”
  • In the Sociology section, Emily Snyder presented “Things that I Learned from My Mother: The Impact of Family Narratives on Resilience.”
  • Also in the Sociology section, Miranda West presented her work on “Exploiting the Homeless.”
  • In the Psychology section, Savannah Ladage and Elizabeth Wilson presented their research on “The Effect of Positive Training on Attention to Negative Stimuli in Anxious Individuals.”
  • In the Nutrition section, Sofia Elmaliki discussed “Oh, Sugar. Oh, Sweet, Sweet Drug.”

English Graduate Students Present Papers

Pictured from left to right are Hodge, Curtis, Kelly and Ayres-Miranda.

Pictured from left to right are Hodge, Curtis, Kelly and Ayres-Miranda.

Three current Belmont English students and one recent graduate of the master’s program had papers accepted at the 109th Meeting of the Tennessee Philological Association on Feb. 20 through 22 at Lipscomb University. Dana Perry, a December Master of Arts alumna, delivered a paper called “Shattering the Myth: Lorraine Hansberry’s The Drinking Gourd.” Cathy Kelly presented “Nabokov, O’Neill, and the Pathos of Place.” Will Hodge presented “REMYTHX: Adaptation as Remix in Eugene O’Neill’s Desire under the Elms and Mourning Becomes Electra.” Misty Ayres-Miranda presented “Electra’s Release in Eugene O’Neill’s Mourning Becomes Electra.” Dr. David Curtis, professor of English and associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, moderated the session and presented another paper at the conference.


Psychology Faculty, Students Present at Psychological Association Meeting

EPA group 2014Psychological Science faculty and students attended the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association in Boston, Mass. on March 13 through 16. Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) was founded in 1896 and is the oldest of the regional Psychological Associations in the United States. Its sole purpose is to advance the science and profession of psychology through the dissemination of professional information about the field. Those attending were, pictured left to right, Dr. Lonnie Yandell, Savannah Ladage, Antario Jones, Caroline Baumgartner, Breanna Wood, Monica Roufael, Savannah Johnson, Jasmine Jarupat, Jade Tucker, Stephanie Seeley, Shelby Wall, Melanie Chinsoon, Dr. Pete Giordano and Dr. Linda Jones.

For the second year in a row, a Belmont student won a research award for research presented at the conference. Jasmine Jarupat’s psychology senior capstone study titled “Prosocial Behavior and Just World Belief Predicted by Mortality Salience and Religiosity,” supervised by Shen-Miller and Giordano, received the sixth place award out of 100 competitors. The award was given in a graduate student competition, and Jarupat’s poster was inadvertently considered even though she is an undergraduate. The award citation indicated to her that “you have been recognized for your excellence in presentation, research methodology and research idea,” she said. (more…)

Belmont Seniors Present at Computing Sciences Conference

image ­ trask_gilmore

Pictured are Andrew Trask, left, and David Gilmore, right.

Belmont seniors Andrew Trask and David Gilmore had their papers accepted independently to the 12th Annual Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (CCSC) Mid-South Conference. They presented their papers at The LeMoyne-Owen College in Memphis, Tenn. on April 5. CCSC Mid-South conference seeks to provide a forum for the exchange of information on computing and computing education.

Trask graduates in May with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Bachelor of Science in Applied Discrete Mathematics. His paper, “Distributing a Fully Connected Neural Network: A Novel Approach,” describes a novel approach to distributing artificial neural networks, which reduces their evaluation time by an order of magnitude.

Gilmore graduates in May with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. His paper, “Online-analytical processing: RDBMS vs. Hadoop,” describes a way to speed up a common business query task from seven hours to 12 minutes.

Equestrian Club Ends a Successful Show Year

The Belmont Equestrian Club earned 10 ribbons at its final competition of the year held March 1 and 2 at Murray State University. Additionally, the club was awarded a seventh place team ribbon in the Zone Five Region One division for its success at competitions during the 2013-2014 show season. Club members competed against students from other universities including Vanderbilt University, Middle Tennessee State University, University of Tennessee at Knoxville and Sewanee.

“I am so proud of our team this year and our success as a University. We have worked hard over the last 12 months to show our region that Belmont has what it takes to be competitive in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. I couldn’t be happier with the way we finished our first year of competition,” said Belmont Equestrian Club President Julie Anderson.

Club members earned the following ribbons:
Julie Anderson: two sixth places
Morgan Wilters: second and fifth places
Courtney O’Connor: third, fourth and fifth places
Caitlyn Marsh: second and fourth places
Allison Harpole: fifth place

Belmont West Student Featured on Game Show

Belmont West student Grayson Flatness was a featured contestant on the game show “The Price is Right,” which aired last week.

Sporting a Belmont University T-shirt, Flatness attended the show’s “Spring Break Edition” taping where he competed in the Grocery Game. The goal of the game is to purchase products that total between $20 and $21. Flatness was shown five grocery items and was instructed to choose an item and a quantity of that item to buy.

“Being able to participate in such a historic show will always be a memory that I cherish for the rest of my life and share with plenty of my friends. I am proud that I was able to represent the likes of Belmont University and Nashville on national television. I advise any and all future students of the Belmont West and East to make use of your time and resources because you never know what amazing opportunities may arrive,” Flatness said.

Morelan, Schmanski Sworn into SGA Office

Photo by Sam Frawley.

Photo by Sam Frawley.

Student Government Association (SGA) outgoing president Chase Geiser inaugurated rising juniors Jeanette Morelan and Skyler Schmanski as the 2014-2015 SGA president and vice president, respectively, on Monday in the Beaman Student Life Center. Students, faculty and staff, including members of Senior Leadership and SGA Congress, attended the ceremony.  In their new roles, Morelan and Scmanski are responsible for leading the organization and serving as the primary liaison between students and administration.

Social Work Students, Professors Present at National Conference

Matt Thompson smiles with his poster.

Matt Thompson smiles with his poster.

Social Work senior Matt Thompson recently presented a poster at the Baccalaureate Program Director’s (BPD) national conference on social work education.  His poster, which was selected to be a part of the student conference within the larger BPD conference, was entitled “Welcome Home: Current Military Pre and Post Separation and Transition Protocol.”  This poster provided an overview of current practices that are followed as men and women leave the armed services. As Thompson discussed the poster with conference attendees, he noted areas where policies should be reviewed as well as areas where social work expertise could be utilized to provide more effective services to new veterans.   Thompson, drawing on his social work education as well as his experience in the military, summed it up this way:  “Compassion and caring are not substitutes for action and advocacy.”

Assistant Professor of Social Work Julie Hunt and Associate Professor of Social Work Sabrina Sullenberger also presented at the BPD conference.  Sullenberger co-presented a workshop entitled “High-impact Educational Practices in Teaching Social Work Research” with colleagues from Indiana University.   Hunt’s roundtable presentation was entitled ““Integrating Spiritual Sensitivity into Cultural Competence Education for our Changing World.”

Reflecting on her work at the conference, Hunt said, “It was an honor to lead a roundtable discussion with a diverse group of colleagues from universities around the country on ways to integrate spiritually sensitive content in their social work curriculum. We had a productive and meaningful sharing of ideas, and their interest in this conversation has continued as we have been corresponding since the meeting, sharing syllabi, and ideas for readings and course assignments.”

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