Belmont University

Just Kicking the Tires

Preparations for the Belmont University, Re-Discovering America adventure are wrapping up. This blog will be LIVE on June 6, 2009. At this point we are testing sites, blogs, and social media applications to make sure that everything is functioning as it should. Just so you'll know, our official hashtag on Twitter is: #40states.

Stand by :)



Good luck! This sounds like an awesome experience. I wish I were going with you guys - would beat a summer of remodeling the house!

I'm especially interested in your Glacier Nathional Park experience. I live in Hendersonville currently but was born in Whitefish, MT - about 30 or 40 miles west of the park. My mom currently lives in Kalispell which is about 30 miles west of the park. Glacier is, of course, where we spend most of our time when we visit. IT IS INCREDIBLE! Hope you get to take a short hike. Avalanche Lake - on the west side of the park - is an easy hike. Virginia Falls on the east side of the park is a little tougher, but spectacular. And, if there's no time for a hike, a hotdog roast at Apgar Campground - at the west end of Lake McDonald - is great. Bring your own firewood!

Watch for grizzlies and moose. Also, at Logan Pass, there's almost always mountain goats - many times with babies - grazing around the lookout area.


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